Is Gripe Water Safe?

Your newborn baby is having a fussy tummy and keeps on crying whenever she is not on your breast or in arms. In severe colic cases the situation can get so difficult that you start feeling ill as well from all of the hours of crying with no way to soothe your baby. Whether you r baby is suffering a lot from gas or mildly you might have thought about gripe water but is gripe water safe?

Gripe Water for Newborns
Most gripe water brands recommend you to start 4 weeks after birth. This is not exactly what you want to hear when you have a 2 week old that is crying day and night from pains but you might want to wait another 2 weeks to start the treatment. Don’t forget that there are many other methods for helping your baby’s tummy get rid of the gas. You should also look closer at how you are breastfeeding and of course what you are eating.

What do Moms do?
The truth is that there are plenty of Moms out there that give their babies gripe water before they are 1 month old. This doesn’t mean that you can conclude that gripe water is safe. No matter at what age you start using gripe water you should go for an all-natural brand. Try to void gripe water with preservatives and alcohol and especially so when your baby is just a few weeks old.

Homemade Gripe Water
You can make your own gripe water. (Check here on for the recipe for homemade gripe water) Basically some regular chamomile tea can do the trick but you need to be very careful to prepare the gripe water in clean utensils. It is easier to buy a safe and tested brand and try to follow the instructions not to take any risks. Remember that your baby is growing and soon her tummy will catch up with the world and be able to handle the food without gas and pains.

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