Is a Famous Mom better than a Regular Mom?

You see her smile at you from the cover of the glossy Mom Magazine, She is beautiful, accomplished, you can’t see any signs on her body of ever having been pregnant or nursed – She is the famous Mom! You can’t help but feel that she is such a great Mom but do you really think that a famous Mom is a better Mom than a regular Mom, (Chew on that one!)

What makes a good Mom?

You must ask yourself what makes a good Mom. The famous Mom is obviously a great Mom on the cover and in the news but does she have what it takes to parent well? In fact, she might not even be parenting her kids by herself. No wonder that she is smiling like that when she slept like a baby every night since the birth. Her nanny is taking care of the night time parenting so she knows nothing about this tough period of the first year.

OK, so that sounds kind of nice but consider the bonding you and your baby shared during these hard nights. You gave your baby your all and it made you love him even more for this is the nature of love. When we love, we give and then we love even more. With this in mind a famous Mom is really a sorry mother.

Fit, Smart and Beautiful

A famous Mom gets to be interviewed in all the parenting magazines regardless of how many actual hours she spends with the child. After all, we are more interested in the color scheme of her nursery than the color nuances of her baby’s stools. She has a personal trainer so she stays fit and healthy but so can you even without the expenses of a PT. You are certainly smart and in the eyes of your child no one is prettier than you. You can see where this is going…

A famous Mom is not better than a regular Mom!

Nope, not better, just different and in the papers. You can’t believe the stories you read in these magazines because they are fairy tales and not the stories of people like you. In reality a famous mother has a lot of pressure due to the interest that society shows in her parenting style. She must produce a nice answer for every question. Imagine that you had to do that all week long!

Be happy that you are a regular Mom and that you don’t have to show your choices and life in a magazine for all to read about. This anonymity makes it easier for you to advance and become an expert Mom!

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