How to fold a shirt

If you don’t have much hanging space in your closet it is a good thing to know how to fold a shirt. It is really easy and anyone can do it. Let your kids watch this video of how to fold a shirt. Next time you bring that laundry basket out for sorting you can … Read more

How to fold a t-shirt

This is how you fold a t-shirt. It is very easy to fold a t-shirt so you should let your sons and daughters watch this video. They will be able to fold their own t-shirts and store them neatly in the closets!

Why co-sleep with your kids

Today most moms are aware of the concept of co-sleeping. Not that sleeping with your kids is something new. It is just that today it has become hype and we are supposed to be for or against it. The truth is that all parents co-sleep to some extent. Kids and parents love to snuggle together. … Read more

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