Pick a Hotel in Orlando for Young Children

Planning a vacation with young children calls upon all your resources as a mom to make sure it will be enjoyable for the younger generation and the grown-ups alike. Your choice of destination is important. A short flight of less than 3 hours from the New York area, Orlando, Florida is one of the most child friendly vacation spots in the US. It tends to be sunny, and is much warmer than the American Northeast. Most tourist attractions, dining facilities and accommodation are geared toward the comfort of vacationing families. When you plan a visit to Florida, picking the right hotel in Orlando, your home away from home, is essential.

A peaceful night’s sleep

At its most basic, a hotel should provide a place for a peaceful night’s sleep, and that is what you will be looking for in your Orlando accommodation. When staying with young children, your needs will most likely be different from those of a single traveler. Probably you will not be interested in close proximity to the night club or the casino, but rather in the quietest location possible. You will need a room with space enough to fit in a crib or two. Safety rails for the children’s beds are an added convenience. You should ask about these requirements before making a reservation.

A good start to the day

Another essential with young children is giving them healthy food that they will enjoy, shortly after they begin to feel hunger. A hungry child is not going to have a good time, no matter how luxurious the accommodation or how entertaining the attraction. Look for an Orlando hotel that provides for the needs of young families by furnishing refrigerators and kettles or other food warming facilities. A child friendly in-hotel coffee shop that opens early in the morning is also very handy, if your youngsters are past the stage of bottles and baby food from jars. Once breakfast is taken care of, a hotel concierge who can help in booking tickets to sites you wish to visit will make your life easier. Even more important, if you do not have a car, is frequent shuttle service between the hotel and the major tourist attractions.

Finding a hotel

So how do you find a hotel that has these conveniences? The Internet is a busy mother’s friend. Look for accommodation near the sights you’d like to see and read reviews by other parents of young children who have stayed in the hotels to see what they recommend. Make sure that their priorities were similar to yours. When you find a hotel that looks promising, don’t be shy to email them and ask whether they can accommodate your requests. Arranging everything in advance for the comfort of your children is a great way to help make your vacation a wonderful family experience.

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