Review of the Choo Choo Express Train Toy Ride

Are you looking for a different gift for a toddler? This is your answer! The Choo Choo Express Train comes with track and train which is made for the toddler to sit on it and drive around and around. The sounds and effects are there and you will go nuts by excitement too as you see your child go “choo, choo, choooo!”

The Set Up

This Choo Choo Express Train review can only applaud how easy this train is to set up and start using. The train comes from an Italian company but it is made in the USA which has its obvious benefits. You get the original train with tracks that make a circle but almost all reviews of the Choo Choo Express Train recommend you to get some additional track to get more run way. Since it is easy to put the train together it is also easy to store it once playtime is over. Don’t be lazy about this and you will preserve the train for many years of fun, also for younger siblings!


The Choo Choo Express Train is safe but you should never leave a small child alone on it. If you stick to the original tracks the child can come to scoot a bit to the side of the seat and this makes the train lean a bit in the curves. Older toddlers don’t have this problem but even so, you must be there to check that the game is safe. There is no such thing as leaving a toddler or baby alone with a toy that moves!


The batteries for the Choo Choo Express are very durable so you can use the train for a long time before you need to get them re-charged. Once you need to charge the batteries you get them out by unscrewing a hatch. This is a nice feature that keeps the child safe since he or she can’t get to them!

What do Users Say?
People who got the Choo Choo train review it as a fun toy that had their kids jump up and down for joy! Parents of very young children realized that this train is ideal sometime after the kid learns to walk properly and finds the balance to play on this type of toy. It has been said to be one of the best gifts for kids ever so you can’t really go wrong with it.

The price of the Choo Choo Express should not exceed $200. It all depends on where you get it. If you are in a hurry you should get it from a regular toy store and add some money but if you have 2 days or so it is wiser to have it shipped from a reputable company online. Expertmom recommends Amazon since this company has a long reputation of safe and cost effective deliveries of toys.

Enjoy your Choo Choo train and come back and tell us about it!

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