The 5 Best Gifts for Kids Ages 4-5

When you want to buy a gift for a 4 or 5 year old it is not necessarily what you think that will be the greatest hit. In fact, 4 and 5 year olds have their own specific preferences that are influenced by their daily interactions and personal interests. Still, you don’t have to be able to read minds to figure out what gifts for kids ages 4-5 to get. All you have to do is check this list and see if anything looks like a match for your little friend!

1. Real Size Cars!

Little boys and girls love real size, meaning their size, cars. Nothing will beat this gift for a kid age 4-5! You can probably remember how you would have felt if you got a gift like this at that age. In fact, if you could get one of those little cars in your size you’d be ever so happy so this is a present that makes sense in every way. Get a pink jeep for a girl or the Cars car from the movie. Or why not a garden truck, to have them join you out there as it becomes prime time for raking leaves?!

2. A Dog!

Please Mommy, can we have one, oh please, please, please!?! NO, you can’t have a dog. Dad is allergic and dogs get dirty paws and step on everything with them. Besides we all know just who will walk the dog come December and the snow… You can still give them a dog but make sure it runs on battery and has no needs for bathroom breaks! An electric dog to walk and groom is a fun gift for girls and boys ages 4-5.

3. A Train is fun for Kids and Adults

A model train is the classic toy that even old men find exciting. There are big Choo Choo trains for toddlers to hop on but by the age of 4 a model type of train might be more interesting. Get the kind that can be expounded with additional rails. This is the perfect gift for a child that likes construction, but also for children and parents that enjoy toys that move and look like real stuff. You can also invest in a Thomas the Train bed! That should be the coolest gift of the year!

4. A Family Wagon

If you like to go on little outings with the kids a family wagon to drag them in could make a really cool gift for the children. This is also a smart idea for trips to places where you know you will have to do a lot of walking. Any kid will love the idea of having you pull them in a cute wagon! You can read a review of the Radio Flyer Pathfinder Red family wagon here.

5. Stuff for the Playhouse

If the kids already have a playhouse or play kitchen you can add on with some food items. Go budget and save milk cartoons and all sorts of food containers. Wash them well and pack them up in a nice gift wrap. You can also decide to spend some money on fake food and go for a items for the playhouse. Kids love this stuff and use it in their games as house makers, store keepers and regular cooking sessions so it is a safe gift for a child ages 4-5!

Bonus Gift Idea: A Pedal Toy Ride!

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