Time to Clean the Toys

Spring cleaning, Pesach cleaning, as the days get warmer and the trees start to turn green and lush again many of us feel the desire to clean toys and perhaps even more important clean them out! Trucks and cars with 3 wheels and dolls who did not survive attempts of saving limbs gets to go to the trash bin.

When cleaning toys the throwing them out part should be done during the times when the kids are out. If a certain toy holds a special place in your child’s heart you should obviously let it stay no matter how broken it is but for those pieces of plastic collecting dust the coast is clear; to the bin!

Cleaning toys can be a great activity for the afternoon with your kids helping you out. Gather all of the plastic blocks and lego pieces and dump them into a bucket of soapy water. Get tooth brushes and let everyone help with the scrubbing. Smaller kids really like this activity! All of the clean toys that needs rinsing goes into a separate container and you will handle the rinsing after bed time if necessary.

Be prepared for a mess so do the cleaning of toys with your kids in the bathroom or outside. Lots of water will end up on the floors and be ready for soaked children. If you think you can handle the scenario, cleaning toys with your kids is a great activity which makes you get closer to bed time all that faster!

For soft toys and teddy bears you simply toss them into the laundry machine to make sure that all of your children’s toys are clean and ready for another round of play!

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