Travel with kids – packing

There are many things to think about when you travel with kids. Kids need to be stimulated at all waking hours and you can’t count on them sitting still watching the clouds or road outside the window for many hours. Something that is very important to think about when you travel with kids is how you pack. Not only do you need to bring good toys but you must also think about necessities like changes of clothing that should be easily available.

When you pack the toys to keep your kids busy with when you travel you need to think about how they work. If you bring pens and papers, make sure that pencils are sharpened and that you have a pencil sharpener with you for any case. Also think about the ages of your kids. Some kids do well with ink around your kitchen table but when you travel with kids, things could get messy if a toddler suddenly decides to give the train interior a remake.

For toys that operate with batteries you need to make sure to have spare batteries with you. You should also consider that one toy like this might not be enough for more than one kid. They share happily at home but in a car or on a plane this might be the only attraction in sight. Therefore you should make sure to have something cool for each kid so that they won’t start bickering over the same toy.

Don’t forget that when you travel with kids you must have the most important clothing and things like diapers readily available. If you are flying with the kids you don’t want to be stuck without changes of clothes for them if the luggage is delayed. Pack each kid a bag with their own clothes and favorite toys. This way you know for sure that they have enough for the trip and after if that becomes necessary.

Happy travelling with your kids!

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