What are good activities for the toddler party?

A party for 2 years old and up can be a lot of work. If nothing else it is an intense experience and it is very good to have some proper toddler activities planned before the party sets off. Here are some good ideas for what kind of games you can offer the toddlers in a toddler party. Just remember not to try and squeeze too much in. The toddlers will most likely be very satisfied with the new assortment of toys available.

Energetic games
Toddlers love to move and run so it is a good idea to start the toddler party with some kind of physical activity. Play “Simon Says” with them but forget about the whole trick part where they are not supposed to do whatever you say when you say it without the “Simon says…” The toddlers will find it amusing enough to copy you and the funny movements and noises you show them.

Dance and music
If you plan to dance a bit with the toddlers this is also a good thing to do at the start as well as the end of the toddler party. Let them dance in a ring or in a train. They will be able to do this for quite some time but you have to steer it up and make sure they don’t start fighting or rolling over each other.

Eating is an activity at the toddler party
Make sure to have a good space for the eating part of your toddler party. The smorgasbord might be efficient but if the toddlers don’t have a good place to sit together you will have a mess all over the house. Try to sit them around a table or make a ring of pillows on the floor for them to sit and eat on.

Getting a treat
No toddler party is complete without some kind of treat or gift for all of the kids. To create a fun and exciting activity for the toddlers you can give it to them through a game. Set up a sheet in a doorway and let them “go fish.” All you need is some kind of stick like from a broom. Hang a string to this with a clothes pin. Each toddler gets to fish by the sheet and you hang a treat for them to catch.

To make this game more entertaining you can let them catch something weird every now and then like a shoe!

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