5 Gifts for Mom that likes to read

If Mom likes to read there are so many cool gifts that you could give her. Some people thought that the age of computers would spell the end of the traditional book but this turned out to be a false assumption. Books are more popular than ever and today we can read them in so many different formats. When people are reading on their cell phones it is obvious that some of the very best gifts for Mom will have the traditional theme of literature and reading.

Here are 5 gifts for Mom that likes to read. They should help you come up with a good idea for how to celebrate Mom. Remember that one does not have to stick to birthdays and other celebrations to give Mom a present. She deserves one just because she is your Mom and you love her!

1. Electronic Reading Plate

If your Mom likes to read books and magazines, it makes a lot of sense to get her one of the popular reading plates. Choose iPad or Kindle and make sure to show her how to download her favorites from the internet. If you want to demonstrate just how practical this sort of present is, you can give it to her in a smashing hand bag. This will make her realize how convenient it is to read books on an electronic reading plate.

2. The Book about your Lives

This is another cool idea for a book for people who blog. If you have children and you have blogged about them for a long time your Mom will certainly enjoy getting a copy of the blog in book format. This can easily be arranged by companies that produce hard copy versions of blogs.

3. A Book Club Subscription

If she is truly a book worm, get her a subscription to a book club! This way she will get new interesting books all the time. If you let her join one which also has some sort of discussion forum, she will be able to discuss with others about the book. It is an intellectual gift that will give her lots of stimulation and entertainment.

4. How to Book

This is also a fabulous gift idea for Mom. Think about that hobby that she always wanted to get into. Perhaps it is gardening, perhaps skin care, whatever it is, you can get her a how to book that will let her get into the hobby with heart and soul.

5. Autobiography

This is another safe choice for a Mom that likes to read. You know who she admires and you can check if this person has an autobiography to get her. There are so many cool books about famous and important people. Just check if she already has it before you order. If it is a newer book you might be able to get it signed if you follow the guest appearances in book stores online and offline. This could be very cool as a gift for Mom!

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