Is Baby Bjorn That Bad?!

Baby Bjorn baby carriers have been rumored to be bad and Moms all over the world discuss whether the Baby Bjorn is that bad. Now, first of all, let’s get things straight; Baby Bjorn is NOT bad! The question is if a Baby Bjorn carrier is good for you and not if it is bad. Ask anyone that used Baby Bjorn for child after child and they will tell you it is a life saver. So you really need to estimate if this carrier fits your needs for baby wearing.

The Sporty Choice

A Baby Bjorn front carrier is a very sporty choice. The design is sturdy and you can move really nicely with your baby safely attached to your body. This is probably why many men feel that the Baby Bjorn Active carrier is a great choice. If you want your man to do that carrying you might see better results by getting the Baby Bjorn rather than a sling or body wrap.


Don’t expect to breastfeed while wearing your baby in the Baby Bjorn carrier. This will not work out! However, this type of carrier is excellent for after feedings when you want to get things done and make sure that your baby digests the food well while relaxing in an upright position. Again, this is also a great opportunity to hand baby and carrier over to your partner.

What About Your Back?
People who claim that the Baby Bjorn is bad might have had pains in their backs from it. If you are not used to carrying a lot and come straight from pregnancy and birth to suddenly lift many kilos a day without breaks you can expect to feel this. Be careful and avoid strange movements while wearing your baby. Hanging the laundry can wait till you have free movements of arms. It really shouldn’t be all that strange to consider that you might want to slow your regular pace down a bit.

Eventually you’ll be back to the routines of the household chores. Meanwhile, enjoy your new baby and leave the laundry to later! Moderate use of a Baby Bjorn carrier should be a good idea for most so if you think that you’ll be fine using it for walk, burping and late fuzzy nights it is a good choice and indeed something very good!

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