Can Gripe Water Help an Adult?

As you treat your baby’s fussy tummy with gripe water you feel your own rumbling. It can be stressful with waking nights, to say the least! You also need something to calm down but can gripe water help an adult? Before you drop some of that magic potion into your own mouth you should read this article and consider where you are at and if you might need something completely different, like a vacation!

Before you start to administer gripe water for yourself, you should look into this book by Giulia Enders, Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ, it is all about the gut, it might just be that you need to learn a bit more about your own system and what you can do to relieve gas without having to take any medication or a well documented baby’s gas remedy Natural Gripe Water.

You can also see her talk a little bit more about our amazing gut in this video from a TV interview that she gave:

Gripe Water for Grown Ups

Of course, you can take gripe water just like your baby. If you feel that you are suffering from a bloated and gassy tummy just like your baby you can give yourself a few drops when you treat your baby. Just realize that they can have a pretty bitter taste so you might want to put them in some water to drink. Take the time to feel your body and make a mental note of how you feel after you take the drops in order to decide whether they help you or not.

If you want fast results you might benefit from Gas-X, many claims that this product gives instant relief and that it is simply magic for an adult with a bloated tummy!

Chamomile Tea

If you feel the need to relax you might want to get some Chamomile tea. This is the herb that is found in most gripe water bottles anyways! Start drinking this tea and you will see an improvement both with your tummy and nerves. This tea is purely relaxing so you can drink cup after cup! If you get a good kind you could even leave the tea bag in and simply fill up on water every now and then.

Take a Break

Truth be told, your tummy is probably acting up because your baby’s pain is making you eat as you walk and try to soothe him. Couple this with no sleep and you have an excellent recipe for a troubled stomach. Try to get a break from your life every now and then! Have someone else carry your baby in the baby carrier after feedings and go get some rest.

You should also try to do what you love even if you feel guilty about doing something useless when your baby and household need you. They need you to be happy and relaxed so a break with a movie, friend or other activity that you love is in the interest of everyone!

Think about that when you start wondering if the gripe water is good for adults or if you should just go for Natural Gas Relief Tablets!

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