Review of Baby Monitor Philips Avent DECT

The Baby Monitor Philips Avent DECT is a nice surprise for parents that have tried a few models and concluded that they were all a waste of money. As you will learn in this review of the Baby Monitor Philips Avent DECT, it has many benefits and can be used for babies as well as toddlers. The installation is easy and the design is stylish to make this product a nice addition to your baby’s room.

The Installation
When you get the Baby Monitor Philips Avent DECT it is pretty much ready to use. It comes neatly packed in a stylish bag so that you can see all of the components clearly and the instructions for how to set it up are user friendly. Before you start using the monitor you need to charge the batteries for 16 hours. Be patient and let the load fully! If you play with this you might regret it later when you have to buy new batteries sooner than what had been the case had you charged them properly from start. You should also wear them out completely before the next charge to extend the lives of the batteries and save your money!

Using the Baby Monitor Philips Avent DECT
One of the best features of the Baby Monitor Philips Avent DECT is that it has a walkie talkie function. When your baby calls for you, you can talk back. Many times this is all that it takes to make your baby fall asleep again. You stay comfortable in your bed and just “shh, shh, sweaty…” to the monitor instead of walking over there to do the same thing. As your child grows you can actually talk to each other through the monitor which creates some really good laughs and an easy environment where your child feels safer.

Speaking of safety, any Baby Monitor Philips Avent DECT review must point out that this device is without statics which is preferred for any apparatus for children and grownups for that matter as well! The design of the monitor is also safe and even if your baby gets a hold of it the worst thing that can happen is that you must press the button to reset the mode you wished for the monitor to be in.

Extra Features
Except for monitoring what is going on with your baby and giving you the possibility to talk back, the Baby Monitor Philips Avent also works as a night lamp with lullabies. You don’t have to use it but if your baby will feel soothed by it, the night lamp and lullabies are a great asset.

The Cost
The Baby Monitor Philips Avent is a good choice since you can use it for small infants as well as toddlers. You get maximum usage out of your money and the monitor can stay a favorite for many years, depending on the size of your family. Between kids you can also lend it to a tired friend who could use this support!

Expertmom recommends the Baby Monitor from Philips and wishes all babies and parents good sleep and happy awakenings!

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