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5 Fast Mother’s Day Gifts that you can afford

It is that time of the year again; we are just around the corner of the International Women’s Day which means that we need to take some time to think about how we will celebrate Mom when her special day arrives. Most Moms don’t really make such a big fuss about Mother’s Day gifts, for them your health and happiness is what matters. Even so, why should you not spoil Mom a bit when you have the chance? Right, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you can certainly make her happy by simply giving her a hug and kiss and show her how much you appreciate being her child.

1. Flowers

This is probably the simplest gift that you can ever come up with if you have to get something that should be bought in a store. Yet, a bouquet of smashing flowers is the most enchanting of Mother’s Day gifts. She will feel spoiled and honored that you took the time to get her something beautiful that was arranged especially for her. If you want to make it a bit more than just the green stuff you can add chocolate or simply make it a bouquet of chocolate roses!

2. Electronics

This is a big group and here you have many different items that could cost more or less. If you know that Mom is vying for an electronic reading plate you could look closer at different models of Kindle or iPad. Kindle could be a wise choice if your Mom is only beginning to discover the wonders of Internet and gadgets. This, since it is so easy to understand and use. iPad has advantages when it comes to the features that it includes but if she is mainly looking to read her magazines, newspapers and books on it, the Kindle is a good choice that you can find for a reasonable price.

3. Clothes with print

Why not get a t-shirt or something similar with print for Mom? This is a funny idea and also something that can be used. If you have a lovely picture of the two of you have it printed on a t-shirt, apron or other clothing that she enjoys to wear. This is not expensive and it is also a memory for many years to come. When there are grandchildren in the picture she will most likely love to get a print with their smiling faces.

4. Print on Canvas

If you think she would enjoy that print on the wall instead you can go for a . This is also within the affordable frame and you can easily get it done online. All you have to do is pick a high quality picture, if you have a digital one it is the best, and then you send this to a provider of photos on canvas to have it produced in time for the day of celebration. If you click on the banner below you can look closer at such a service and learn more about how this can be done.


5. Help Mom!

So far we have mostly looked at presents that can be bought. Indeed it seems a bit silly to think that the best Mother’s Day gifts can be bought! A good idea can simply be to help her out with something. Take care of her lawn; paint her living room or anything that she would like. This shows her that you care enough to use your precious time on her. When you are done with the cleaning or fixing you might want to take her on a little pick nick in the backyard where you treat her to a cake that you baked just for her. OK, store bought is also fine!

5 Gifts for Mom that likes to read

If Mom likes to read there are so many cool gifts that you could give her. Some people thought that the age of computers would spell the end of the traditional book but this turned out to be a false assumption. Books are more popular than ever and today we can read them in so many different formats. When people are reading on their cell phones it is obvious that some of the very best gifts for Mom will have the traditional theme of literature and reading.

Here are 5 gifts for Mom that likes to read. They should help you come up with a good idea for how to celebrate Mom. Remember that one does not have to stick to birthdays and other celebrations to give Mom a present. She deserves one just because she is your Mom and you love her!

1. Electronic Reading Plate

If your Mom likes to read books and magazines, it makes a lot of sense to get her one of the popular reading plates. Choose iPad or Kindle and make sure to show her how to download her favorites from the internet. If you want to demonstrate just how practical this sort of present is, you can give it to her in a smashing hand bag. This will make her realize how convenient it is to read books on an electronic reading plate.

2. The Book about your Lives

This is another cool idea for a book for people who blog. If you have children and you have blogged about them for a long time your Mom will certainly enjoy getting a copy of the blog in book format. This can easily be arranged by companies that produce hard copy versions of blogs.

3. A Book Club Subscription

If she is truly a book worm, get her a subscription to a book club! This way she will get new interesting books all the time. If you let her join one which also has some sort of discussion forum, she will be able to discuss with others about the book. It is an intellectual gift that will give her lots of stimulation and entertainment.

4. How to Book

This is also a fabulous gift idea for Mom. Think about that hobby that she always wanted to get into. Perhaps it is gardening, perhaps skin care, whatever it is, you can get her a how to book that will let her get into the hobby with heart and soul.

5. Autobiography

This is another safe choice for a Mom that likes to read. You know who she admires and you can check if this person has an autobiography to get her. There are so many cool books about famous and important people. Just check if she already has it before you order. If it is a newer book you might be able to get it signed if you follow the guest appearances in book stores online and offline. This could be very cool as a gift for Mom!

5 Cool Personalized Gifts for Mom

If you are looking for personalized gifts for Mom you have so much to choose from and you will most likely get inspired by just looking at different suggestions. Since the present should have a personal touch it usually means that you will have to add some feature that will make it stand out as especially for your Mom.

Here are 5 cool personalized gifts for Mom that you can consider. They are easy to get and they will most likely be appreciated now and in the future…

1. Number 1 on this short list with cool personal presents for Mom must be a photo canvas. Photo canvas is simply something amazing. You take a picture that you really like and then you transform it to a painting. It can still keep the original look and not be made into an artsy version of the photograph. This is a very good idea and you know just what picture your Mom would enjoy the most!


2. If your Mom is a tea time type of Mom you can consider a cookie jar and some matching tea cups to it. Engrave something personal on the cookie jar or make a joke of her dieting with a phrase reminding her not to open when she is alone at home. Personalized kitchen ware is a lot of fun and you will be able to come up with more options that can gladden the heart of your Mom!

3. Let’s return to the theme of photos… Make a family tree for your Mom. A family tree can include the people you know about. You can also do some serious research and dig out some people further up in the family tree. This information is not that hard to come by and if you don’t have pictures for the people you simply write down their names and what you found out about them.

4. Another photo oriented personalized gift for Mom is the scrap book. Make your own and write a little story to your Mom. You can write her poems and anything you feel like. If the glue, scissors and paper are not what you call a good activity you can also invest in a digital photo frame and stack it with the best photos from the family.

5. Last but not least, forget about the stuff and get her some sort of experience! Why not make a picnic together at the local skating hall? Choose a theme and bring her along. Nothing will get more personal than this!

Hopefully you got some cool ideas from this little list and now you should be ready to get that gift for Mom. Just remember that the most important thing for Mom will be that you DID remember so don’t feel stressed if you are unsure of how this gift will be perceived by your Mother. With love of course!

Personalized Gifts for Mom – Picking Photos for Personal Gifts

Personalized gifts are a challenge but also a lot of fun. There is really nothing like a gift which is custom made for Mom. You know her the best and if you think that she will enjoy a special photograph for a painting you will not have troubles getting her a unique present. Canvas art is something which has become increasingly popular since it combines two important types of art and media.


On one hand you have your photos and on the other you enjoy pretty paintings on the wall. By combining these two you get what is called photos on canvas and this is something that you can do a lot with. By adding a special frame and picking the right size you get art for your Mom but it is also a very personal gifts. Among all personalized gifts, photos on canvas are probably the coolest and easiest to match with different personalities.

Picking the right Photo for Canvas Art

If the personalized gifts with photos are going to keep a high quality, you need to pick photos with high quality. As you look at a favorite picture on regular photo paper you might say to yourself that it is an excellent image but this is not what is meant by high quality for photo on canvas. Since your printed picture is much smaller than the art you want to create you will stand a better chance for a great result with the original digital file.

I love you Mom!

I love you Mom!

The reason that canvas art of photographs has become so common lately is that regular camera users have cameras that produce pictures fit for magazines. If you have the original digital file of your photo, chances are great that it will be of high quality to blow it up in a larger size. This is something you must think about when you pick a picture for your canvas art for Mom. Luckily a modern digital presents plenty of opportunities for personalized gifts for the wall!

Choosing a Detail to Focus on

If you are not a professional photo editor you will not pay much attention to what goes on in your favorite pictures. You see your Mom and daughter have an ice cream together with huge smiles and chocolate stains in their hair. Right behind your Mom stands a janitor and chats on his cellphone. This might be a cool detail for canvas art but if you think the painting will be prettier without you need to inform the photo canvas company about it. They have skilled photo editors who can create a smashing picture out of your favorite photographs.

Many times it is a particular detail about a photo that we love and remember. Ask a skilled photo editor to enhance this detail so that your photo art will become as unique as you had in mind. Sometimes you might be able to do this by yourself at home with a regular photo editing program. After all, personalized gifts are all about the details that create the uniqueness that will make your Mom think it is the best present ever.

Order the Photo Canvas

When you have decided on photo, or photos, for your personalized gifts for Mom you can send them by email to a photo on canvas provider. They will ask you to fill in the details for size and other important information for your order. If you feel a need to talk to them you can always give them a call and discuss your order over the phone. This is seldom needed, since photo on canvas services work very smoothly online. You will see a preview of the ready art on your screen so that you can determine if this is what you had in mind.

When you are ready to order your photo on canvas art online you will get the time frame for delivery which will help you plan when and how to present your gift. Consider getting a frame and to invite someone that will be able to hang it on the wall once it is presented to Mom. Make sure to wrap your gift with glossy paper and ribbons for maximum effect. You might even want to celebrate the occasion with some bubbles just like in an art show. For these kinds of personalized gifts a drum roll is always in place!