How can I mount loose diamonds?

The Classic Diamond Solitaire

One great way to mount a cut stone, when you’ve purchased loose diamonds wholesale, is in a classic solitaire engagement ring. Solitaire engagement rings provide timeless beauty and elegance. Placed within the perfect setting the single loose diamond speaks for itself.

What are the requirements then of selecting just the right solitaire diamond, and what type of setting lends itself to a perfect classic arrangement? When getting ready to buy the diamond solitaire, it’s necessary to look at the Four-C classifications (cut, color, clarity, and carat), the shape of the diamond, and the setting. A well cut diamond accentuates the unique qualities of a natural diamond, adding “fire’ and excitement. The four characteristics used when buying loose diamonds for a diamond solitaire are listed here.

Carat weight

The weight of the diamond is classified as the number of carats. Traditionally this is one of the first attributes to consider when buying a loose diamond.

Clarity of the diamond

What makes natural diamonds so unique are their characteristic marks. Usually more valuable diamonds are known for having fewer flaws.

Color of the diamond

Diamonds are ranked according to a D to Z scale. Colorless diamonds fall into the D – F range and diamonds with a yellow tint fall into the S – Z range.

Cut of the diamond brilliance

Expertly cut loose diamonds are in high demand. Precision cut diamonds are elegant and well respected for their brilliance and shape. Nature determines the clarity, cut, and color and the craftsperson defines the cut. The more highly skilled the diamond cutter the better the results!

Diamond shape and the setting

Diamond shape contributes to the beauty and value of loose diamonds especially when mounted in a classic solitaire setting. Perfect mounting sets off the unique qualities of the stone, embellishing all of the finest features. The selection of diamond shape is determined by the preference of the buyer and the specific type of jewelry to be created. Round, oval, square, and heart-shaped diamonds are a few of the most popular choices on the market today. The metal used in the setting is also important. Choices include yellow and white gold (available in 14 and 18 carat gold), and platinum. Yellow and white gold are more readily available and tend to scratch more easily. Platinum is more expensive and durable but more expensive to repair than gold.

Understanding and buying loose diamonds wholesale is an art. With a little knowledge and understanding, loose diamond enthusiasts are well on their way to selecting and owning these gorgeous and timeless treasures. An exquisite loose cut diamond, when properly mounted, makes for the perfect classic diamond solitaire!