Birthday Present for a 1 Year Old

The first birthday of your child, grandchild or best friend’s apple is coming up and you can’t seem to come up with any good ideas for a present for a 1 year old. What should you give a baby that hardly talks, walks or seem to be interested in books other than to chew at … Read more

Time to Clean the Toys

Spring cleaning, Pesach cleaning, as the days get warmer and the trees start to turn green and lush again many of us feel the desire to clean toys and perhaps even more important clean them out! Trucks and cars with 3 wheels and dolls who did not survive attempts of saving limbs gets to go … Read more

Where can I find toys that don’t break?

Toys don’t last long. You buy a truck or a tractor and if you are lucky the wheels and frame will stay intact more than a month. So how should one find the toys that last longer? Where can you find the toys that don’t break? The first thing you should do is consider how … Read more

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