Co-sleeping with a new baby

It can feel a bit scary to start to co-sleep with a newborn baby. It is so fragile and you are afraid to roll over it or accidently push it with your arm. To co-sleep safely with a newborn you can adjust your bed and bedroom. Start by looking at how your bed can fit the newborn baby. Is it possible to co-sleep with a lot of space?

If you have a giant bed with lots of space and you have made it secure on all sides you could let your newborn baby sleep at a good distance from you and only get close at nursing times. As the newborn baby grows you will be able to snuggle more freely.

The good thing about baby beds is that they have firm mattresses which are good for the back and spine of the baby. If you want to enjoy this you could use a baby bed and attach it to yours. There are readymade co-sleep bassinets for newborn but your baby will outgrow this bassinet fast. In this case it is better to use a bassinet for a baby carriage and simply place it next to you in the bed.

Have a handy person take off one side of the baby bed and then safely secure it to yours. This will create a very safe co-sleeping and it can be used for years. You will always have your space and the baby will co-sleep safe right from being born!

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