Do Natural Remedies for Pin Worms Work?

The problem with pin worms is that they are expert at surviving and finding new hosts. If there is an outbreak of pin worms in your child’s play school it is not enough that you treat your child. If the place where your child is not kept clean enough and the other kids keep on coming there with the eggs and worms your child is bound to get it back. After treating your child once or twice with medication you ask yourself if natural remedies for pin worms work. After all, it seems a bit scary to continue with medications every other week.

Clean Means NO Worms!
Before you even start thinking about if natural remedies for pin worms work you need to look at your house and the place your child stays in during the days. Is it clean enough? When there is an outbreak of pinworms you need to clean your child very carefully but also the house. Bedding should be changed daily and washed or hung in the sun to get rid of eggs. If you can fill your house with sun this will be very good since the eggs can’t survive direct sunlight for very long.

Do the Natural Remedies Against Pin Worms Work?
The answer to this question depends on what remedy you get. If it is a concoction with worm wood it is very likely to do the job. The thing with natural remedies for pin worms is that they usually take more than a one-time treatment. You might have to administer drops twice a day for a month. Still, this is a good idea since the treatment will kill off the worms and eggs in a natural way.

Just remember to couple the natural treatment with effective cleaning and good hygiene of hands. Keep those nails short and don’t be afraid to ask your child’s caretaker to do the same!

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