How Effective is Gripe Water for an Infant with Colic?

You keep getting the advice to get gripe water for your crying and kicking baby but just how effective is gripe water for an infant with colic? In most regular cases of babies with gas, gripe water is effective and very helpful but there are times when you might need additional help. If your baby seems to suffer a lot from gas you should have your pediatrician check her up to determine that it is truly a case of regular gas problems.

Fussy Baby Tummy
It is very common that babies have problems with gas during their first months in this world. If it is your first child it can all come as a chock and you have a hard time relating to what people say to you about things getting easier in a short while. For all you know, you’re in the middle of a sleepless nightmare with nowhere to go.
If your baby has passed her 1 month birthday you should definitely look into natural gripe water and see if it will relax your baby’s tummy.

Great Miracles
When you get gripe water you shouldn’t expect immediate great miracles and instant restful nights. Your baby needs to start the treatment and gradually you should see a change in her behavior. It is important that you follow the instructions of the gripe water carefully. Don’t make your own plans for how to give it and when and if you do, don’t blame the gripe water if it isn’t effective.

Natural Gripe Water is Best
Natural gripe water should be effective when you give it correctly. You can even make your own gripe water but it is much easier to buy it ready made. There are many trustable brands of gripe water that come in bottles that make it smooth to give the baby the drops.

For the best results you should combine your treatment with gripe water with other activities meant to ease your baby’s gas problems. Look into baby massage and be careful to burp your baby well after feedings by using baby carriers or simply keeping her in upright position.
Remember that in the long run this period of baby colic will soon be a memory and you can get through it without losing your mind. Get gripe water, you have nothing to lose by trying it!

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