How to remove calcium deposits without chemicals

Calcium deposits form fast and easily in kettles and other kitchen tools and it is essential to get rid of them on a regular basis. Depending on how hard the water is where you live you will have to treat your tea kettle to remove calcium deposits once a month or every other month. You basically need to keep an eye on the white stuff building up.

When you want to remove calcium deposits from your tea kettle you have a whole range of products available in your supermarket. You can use a powder and leave this to sit in the boiled water or you can use a readymade solution. In common these anti-calcium treatments have the chemicals. No good!

So what should you do to clean your kettle from calcium deposit without having to deal with lethal chemicals? The answer is simple, citric acid!

Yes, the very same citric acid that you would use for drinks, baking and jams. This spice which looks like a salt and is often referred to as lemon salt will remove the calcium build ups in your kettle in an instant. All you have to do is heat up some water and then add some citric acid. You will see how it literally eats the calcium in seconds.

Remember to clean your kettle well after this treatment. You must use boiled water to clean it. Read more about the dangers of clearing calcium deposits in the tea kettle with citric acid here at ExpertMom!

Have a happy and healthy calcium deposit removal!

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