What Potty Training Equipment Should I Buy?

What potty equipment to get will depend on your and your baby’s needs. First of all, you don’t need everything prescribed by the experts. You are the true expert of your child and your household and therefore you will know the best what products will help your potty training the best. In fact, you might not even need a potty which by many is seen as a standard commodity for potty training.

Potty or Not…
Potty or not, that is the question! You will have to potty train but know that many children are ready to go straight for the toilet. If you get a toilet training ladder with seat for your toilet you save yourself a lot of time and efforts on cleaning and the child will naturally continue to use the toilet without it.

Some children feel safer with a regular potty and if you do get one if should be adjusted to the size of your child. Make sure that it is easy to clean. Inserts are popular but according to many parents it is easier to keep a solid potty clean since there are no holes and crevices for dirt to get stuck. Expertmom recommends the Baby Björn potty for its simple and useful design.

Night Potty Training
For the night potty training it is great to get protective sheets. Get the kind that looks and feels like fabric to eliminate noise and discomfort. Your baby should not sleep less because of the protective sheets. One sheet is enough if you have the time to wash and dry it in one day to put it on the bed again, otherwise two sheets are recommended for easy use. Remember that you might have to bring your child to the toilet in the beginning as he or she does not know that they are waking up for number 2. The protective sheet should not be instead of a diaper!

Practice Pants
Practice pants are being debated. On one hand it is nice to keep the accidents off the floor and clothes but on the other these nappies makes it harder for the child to potty train. If you can handle a week or two of accidents this is better than practice pants. Get the practice underwear for trips and times where a mess up would be too much to handle.

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