Is my baby ready for potty training

You can easily find the signs for when your baby is ready for potty training. Most pages online on the subject of potty training will let you know that you should check for your baby being aware of his bowel movements. Things like the baby going to the side to do number 2 are a sign for potty training time.

Other important signs for when your baby is ready for potty training are that he and you will be able to communicate about it. When the baby has word for potty it is also easier to start the potty training. Every baby has their own language which the parents will know about so words for potty doesn’t have to be actual word but can be sounds.

You don’t have to get all right on the ready-for-potty-training list to start the potty training. The best way to know if your baby is ready for potty training is to simply start somewhere on that list. Start talking about potty, try going an hour or two without a diaper and check carefully for your baby’s reaction.

If you feel that the potty training is just too much work and messy you can always give it some time. When your baby is truly ready for potty training you will not be able to stop him from getting rid of the diapers. The fact is that many times the baby makes it clear to the parents that he is potty training. It is really one of the most natural things in the world so just relax and let nature take its course!

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