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Facebook is not only about connecting with old friends; it is also a wonderful method for making new contacts through the people you trust. A Mom on Facebook can get a lot of practical advice by making use of this service. If you are not a Mom on Facebook yet you should look through these tips for how to use this social media in an effective and safe way.

Should you join?

If you are a busy Mom it is a fair question to ask. You hardly have time as it is and now you should try to make room for chat and updates on Facebook? The truth is that this tool can save you a lot of time. There are so many areas in your life where you need to interact with friends and relatives in a time consuming manner. Load those new pictures to your Facebook account and they will all know in seconds without you having to make one single phone call!

For reasons of time management you should join this excellent network but you will have to consider some other issues that could influence your decisions for the settings of your account…

What about my Privacy?

Not all of us feel comfortable about having our past mingle with the present and if you feel that some people better just stay in the closet you must make sure to choose the type of account which will allow you the privacy that will keep them there. Be prepared for people contacting you but they can’t actually see your details and information without you saying yes to them. So if you are not too bothered about some old skeletons coming knocking at the door of your Facebook account you don’t have much to worry about. You decide who will see what and when.

Making new Friends

A Mom on Facebook can get a lot of new insights by making new friends through the networks. Your old friends have friends that you never heard of and as your life is changing with your new roles you will see that these people can become important sources of information. It is really quite similar to the network you are part of in your offline existence only much smoother. For a Mom that feels a bit tied down by all of the responsibilities in the home this opens up for new opportunities of having a social existence. This is really the beauty of the Internet and something you should take advantage of.

Facebook Policies

Before you start an account with Facebook you must make sure that you and your partner are on the same page about this decision. It is easy to get addicted to Facebook and you are not supposed to trade your quality time for Facebook time! Keep this in mind and make sure that your social networking frees up time for the things you love and not the opposite. This will be a good for you and the entire family!

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