Review of the Babybjorn Original Carrier

Babybjorn, or Babybjörn as it is correctly spelt, is a Swedish baby carrier brand, known all over the world for comfort, safety and style. Recently people focus a lot on their later brands like the Active carrier but the Babybjorn Original carrier is still going strong. If you are considering getting a Babybjorn classic carrier you should read this review of the Babybjorn Original carrier.

Comfort for the Back
A review of the Babybjorn Original carrier must start off with the back because this is where it differ the most from the other styles. The Babybjörn classic is the original and the layout is simple but very smart. Most of the weight lay on the shoulders and the upper back. To some this is not the most comfortable but it all depends on how you are wearing your baby. If the carrier is meant for every now and then the Babybjorn Original is an excellent choice. A person without back problems should be able to use this carrier for errands a few times a week and feel great. For this type of use the comfort level can be said to be an 8 from a scale of 1-10.

How to Use
Like all Babybjörn carriers, the Babybjorn Original is very easy to snap on. You can remove the front together with the baby if you need to put him or her into their bed for continued sleeping. The straps in the back are adjusted on the sides which makes it easy to tighten the carrier and loosen it when you feel a need to do so. You can also place your baby facing forward with this carrier which is great when he or she is awake. The use of the carrier gets a 10 from a scale of 1-10.

What Users Say
Users of Babybjorn Original carrier are happy with it and those who feel that they need something for longer hours of use usually upgrade to a Babybjorn Active to alternate with. Jenny Watson from Missouri, USA, said “I really love my Babybjorn original and I use it more than what I had initially thought. It has a cool design and both me and my husband enjoy wearing our baby with it.” Anne from Stockholm, Sweden, said “I was carried in Babybjörn Original so I felt that my kids should get the same.” Lindsay from Adelaide, Australia, said “I am thinking of getting the Baby Active for the next child so that I can have one in the car and leave one at home and enjoy the benefits of both.”

The Babybjorn Classic carrier should come to a cheaper price than the newer variants and considering the quality and functionality you get this is a very good product to buy for wearing your baby. To get the best price you should by it online.

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