Something Fun to Eat for a Child that needs to Lose Weight

Does your child need to lose weight? This is the reality for many families today and you are probably not unfamiliar with the ideas of what sorts of food are conductive for weight loss, and what sorts constitute absolute no-nos. The thing is that no one can change their pattern of eating in one day and your child should not have to suffer to burn fat. After all, children are children and certain foods belong to a happy childhood.

Here are some ideas for fun things to eat for a child that needs to lose weight:

Anything, but in small Portions!

First of all, if you can eliminate all of the junk food and empty sugar it is great. You can still allow your child candy and chocolate from time to time. Make sure to get the good stuff without food coloring and give small portions. This is done by simply buying smaller amounts. Even if the supermarket has a sale for 5 chocolate bars you get one and this one is meant to last the entire week. If you split a regular chocolate bar evenly among the family members it will not be a disaster for the child on a diet to also get a piece to look forward to.


Today there are so many tasty yogurts around and some of them are lethal for a child that needs to lose weight. Check how many calories are in the mix and try to stick to between 30 and 50. This will not be worse than eating a sweet fruit but it will offer some fun for a child that is overweight. You can also allow yourself yogurt when the sweet tooth is haunting you!

Ice Cream is Fun, make it yourself!

Ice cream is hardly what comes to mind when you are looking for fun snacks for a child on a diet but there are actually great types of ice cream available. You can buy ice cream that is low in calories and full of great taste but even more fun, you can make it yourself!

Get a simple ice cream maker and decide with your child what sort of ice cream that you will make. Get low calorie ice cream recipes online and try them out together. Not only will this give a child on a diet something fun to snack on but it will also be a lovely afternoon or evening activity. When you get your child involved in preparing and making the healthy food, the diet and fat loss will become easier and more relaxed. So invest in an ice cream maker and start having fun with low fat homemade ice cream!

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