Tips for a Working Mom

The term working Mom is really a silly one because if you are a Mom you are working! Still we all know that this term refers to Moms that work both in the home and outside. If you belong to this category you are either reading this because you feel that you need some urgent advice to make it all work out or because you want to make the situation even better. A working Mom can certainly do well with some tips for how to make the whole circus go on happy and healthy.


The first thing you must do is make a schedule. People without schedules are lost and especially Mothers. When you are so tight for time you can’t afford not keeping track of your tasks. A schedule is actually good for the whole family. When everyone knows when you are available they should be able to treat your time with respect which will make it easier for you to handle your day. Small kids are just that and that’s why you need to make sure that you schedule time for all of your children. Don’t try to do many things at once. Either you will suffer of the kids will feel neglected.

Quality Time

This leads us to quality time. You should make sure that there is quality time with your children and your partner each week, this time should preferably not be spent together as a group, at least not every time. You need to have moments with each child as well as your partner and by making room for it in your calendar life becomes easier. Remember that your partner is more likely to help out with the work load at home if he feels cared for as well so be sure to invest some extra time in him whenever you can!

Solo Time

By now you might be sighing, how can a working Mom make enough space for the family and spouse and now we are getting to solo time. A woman without space will get very edgy. This will only create negative energy which will drain you even more and make those who are nudging you nudge some more. Solo time can be anything you want it to be but make sure it won’t be things like cleaning the car, going through bills or other things that aren’t really meant to motivate and stimulate you as a person.

Something to Look Forward to

It can make such a difference to have something to look forward to and for a working Mom this can really make regular days feel easier and more energized. Plan a family trip or vacation or make arrangements for the two of you to go off alone. Even a night out without the kids in fancy outfits is something to look forward to so be creative with your plans. Try to make little islands of fun in your life to re-charge from. Remember that when you do things that make you smile and feel good you also spill that happy energy over on your family.

It will be great for everyone when Mom is relaxed and happy so make it happen!

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