Using a Potty Seat with Ladder

When times come to start the potty training you might want to use the potty that worked so well with all of your older kids. You could also try something different like using a potty seat with ladder. There are several great versions of this practical potty chair and it will save you and your baby time and efforts in learning to manage without diapers.

This is How it Works
The potty seat with a ladder is made out of plastic and comes in a flat box ready to be put together by you. Most models are fairly easy to assemble but if you know that you can’t deal with IKEA furniture and other do-it-yourself concepts you might want to ask someone else to put the potty seat together. It needs to be assembled correctly to stand sturdy on the toilet.

Once the potty seat with ladder is put together you can let your baby have a trial. The versions with handles by the seat are extra popular since they add comfort and a feeling of safety to the child.

Getting Used to the Potty Seat
Let your child play with her new potty seat with a ladder. For a child the ladder is fun to climb and you need to be easy with this so that the potty training will be fun and pleasant for the child. Try reading a book while sitting on this new seat just to get used to the idea of sitting on it. If your child is not ready for it, don’t push, sooner or later it will come to use!

Clean and Easy
As a parent or caretaker you will love the potty seat with a ladder. You don’t have to clean a regular potty but just flush like you always do. This makes potty training clean and easy and that is something the child will benefit from as well.

Maybe you should simply toss that old potty out and try this new concept for easier and cleaner potty training that will be fun for all of the family?! Just make sure to get a good brand that will stand solid and not come apart from your child playing with it. Check reviews before you buy!

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