What are the benefits of baby wearing? The 5 top advantages

You see them everywhere, women and men that are wearing their kids in baby carriers, slings or wraps. Baby wearing is a great thing and today most parents, regardless of parenting philosophy, can see the benefit of wearing the baby. If you are still wondering if wearing your baby will be of any benefit to you, you should consider the following 5 top advantages to baby wearing.

1. Free hands
The most obvious and the biggest advantage to baby wearing is that you get free hands. You can climb on and off busses without having to bother getting the prom on and also make it to the driver to pay while keeping the baby safe. You can walk about your house doing stuff, talking on the phone without worrying about the baby waking up from sudden noises with the result of you having to soothe, again…

2. Baby is not fussing
When you wear the baby you will get less fuss. Babies love to feel close to someone, like they did in the womb. When they can see what is going on from the comfort of being on you they have no reason to cry from loneliness or pure boredom. You can also use a pacifier much more effective when the baby is right there in your arms with your hands completely free.

3. Baby sleeps
Babies sleep well in arms. This is just a fact that women all over the world are all too aware of. You need the baby to sleep for your own peace of mind but also for baby to grow and develop healthy. Sometime baby wearing offers the best way to put baby to sleep. After a while you simply slip him into the baby bed to get some well needed grown up time.

4. Natural burping
After breast feeding the baby needs to be burped but to sit and try burping the baby for half an hour is simply a waste of time when you can just wear him and let it happen naturally. Many parents have discovered that their babies almost immediately burped after being put in a baby carrier or wrap. The upright position is also conductive for good digestion which is helpful for the baby and you!

5.You can hang baby on someone else…
Don’t forget that baby wearing can be shared. When baby is not fussy and sleeping sweetly in a baby carrier or wrap you’ll see that other family members won’t mind spending time with the baby. This will be a great help for a tired mommy that needs some rest and it will also give other family members the chance to bond with the baby in a peaceful way.

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