My First Meeting with the Baby Bjorn Original Carrier

Susanna from Sweden tells us about her experience of the Babybjorn carrier. Babybjörn is like milk and butter In Sweden people have been using the original Babybjorn carrier since the early 70’ies. It is so well known that a review of the Babybjorn Original seems silly when you sat in one yourself as a child. … Read more

Review of the Babybjorn Original Carrier

Babybjorn, or Babybjörn as it is correctly spelt, is a Swedish baby carrier brand, known all over the world for comfort, safety and style. Recently people focus a lot on their later brands like the Active carrier but the Babybjorn Original carrier is still going strong. If you are considering getting a Babybjorn classic carrier … Read more

Review of Babybjörn Active Baby Carrier

Is the Babybjörn Active baby carrier a good choice? Read this review and learn more about this world famous baby product. Functionality It is very easy to use the Babybjörn baby carrier and anyone should be able to figure it out fast. The actual baby sling has the instructions printed on the inside so that … Read more

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